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How to Start


boot ready

First we need to have 1 raspberry pi3 model B, a 32GB usb stick, and a micro-SD card with RaspBian Installed.

The micro-SD will be used to set the raspberry pi3 in UsbMode.

This is official page on how to set the usbMode click here

Download Sgneep-Box

Decompress the .zip file you downloaded, Sgneep Box was compressed with 7Zip(7Zip official page)

Write Sgneep-Box in USB STICK

Download and install win32 disk imager (official site)


Run Win32DiskImager in windows OS

1- Ensure the Device drop down box has the drive your USB MEMORY STICK is insered into.

2- Press the folder button and select sgneepbox_v1.2018.img

3- Press Write Button

Wait for Win32 Disk Imager has finished, remove the usb stick and insert it into your raspberry pi3.

If you've run the guide correctly you're ready to use Sgneep-Box by turning on your raspberry pi3.

Open your first script

After starting up, you will hear the welcome message and imediately the Sgneep-Box Terminal will open.

You can control Sgneep-Box only from this terminal.

For an overview of the commands, check this page.


Download the latest version of Sgneep-Box, install it on USB Device and Start writing your first Script. If you do not know how to do enter the 'Script Sample' area.


  • Install
  • Configure


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